Thursday, September 18, 2008


Yesterday my husband asked for my help. He asked me to hold a wrench that he had clasped onto the top of a faucet so he could use another wrench to try and loosen the metal part of a hose that was attached to the faucet (it was the faucet and hose that supply cold water to the washing machine) . I am truly sorry for not knowing all the proper terms for these things; but hey, I'm a female! What else do you expect?! LOL! The metal part of the hose was stuck firm to the faucet and could not be twisted off by hand, so my husband had been trying to turn it with a wrench; but the pipe kept moving. He needed the whole thing to be held still so his strength could be solely focused on that metal part of the hose. At first I tried to just hold the wrench still, but I failed miserably. My husband of course frustratingly said "You have no strength!". I told him I was trying to hold it still, but I didn't want to push the wrench into the wall. I was afraid of putting a dent or hole in the wall, not that it really mattered since the wall was already dirty and the new washer and dryer would have probably covered any mark the wrench had put in the wall. He told me I HAD to do that, so he placed the wrench against the wall and told me to hold it there. It was amazing how easy it was to hold the wrench in place now and my husband was finally able to get the metal attachment of the hose to break free and get it off of the faucet.

This morning I read Psalm 105. Verse 4 says "Look to the Lord and His strength; seek his face always." I quickly remembered the event that had taken place yesterday and realized that I HAD to push the wrench against the wall because it offered support and therefore enable me to be "stronger" so the task was able to be accomplished. I couldn't push hard enough on that wrench alone. I NEEDED the support of the wall. I heard the Lord telling me today that He is my wall. I need to lean on Him in those tough times so that He can give me the support and strength that I need to make it through. I can accomplish whatever task comes my way if I rely on Him. How often do I first try to do things on my own, and in my own strength? WHY do I do that when the almighty God is just a prayer away?! He is there waiting to supply me with His INFINITE strength! All I need to do is ASK! So the next time you are faced with a difficult task, lean on God and His strength will enable you to complete the task!