Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I enrolled my daughter Sarah in Upwards Cheerleading this year. She loved it! I took my first video using my digital camera last night when she performed a pom routine with her team. I was so proud of her! She dropped her pom at the beginning, scooped it up quickly and kept right on going! She is in the front row, second from the left. Hopefully you can see and hear the video. I apologize now because I did move some near the beginning, but overall I don't think it is too bad of a video...especially for it being my first try doing it! LOL!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

God Is Good

Since it has been over a month since I last wrote on my blog, I figured I should let you all know I'm still around. The Lord continues to be good even though there are times I struggle with why He continues to put up with me. I'm so thankful my Saviour is patient and forgiving! God is good!

This past week I checked an e-mail account that I had totally forgotten about. I was amazed to see an e-mail from someone who did a search for something and one of the posts I had written on my blog came up in her search! Of all the places she could have gone, she chose to come to my blog. The post I had written helped her and she took the time to write an e-mail to me to thank me! She had sent the e-mail to me a month ago and even though I felt bad that so much time had passed, I was thankful it hadn't been 4 months or more like some of the over 250 e-mails I had in my inbox were! I wrote back to her and just have to hope that she reads it because it truly did make my day to know that my blog helped someone. God is good!

I also wrote another song this week! Technically, I guess I wrote 2 even though the one is more of a little ditty than an actual song. I wrote both songs on Thursday, the same day I had already planned on getting together with the worship team leader at my church so we could finish figuring out chords for the first song I wrote. She has heard a little bit of the second song I had written and had mentioned that it sounded like a children's song. Thursday night as we worked on finishing up the chords on my first song, she mentioned that that one too sounded like it could be a children's song and she thinks God may be giving me children's songs. She told me to pray about it to see what God tells me, but she said she had been thinking it would be neat to put together a CD of children's songs so that the kids in the church could have music to listen to that is geared to their level. She has only written 2 songs, so I guess it is possible God has given me a few songs to help bring her dream to fulfillment. Even though I never thought of my first song as being for kids, I know the chorus is very simple and would be easy for kids to pick up. I truly am humbled to think that God may have blessed me with songs for other kids to enjoy, as well as learn Biblical truth from since all 3 of my songs have a Bible verse in them. The little ditty I wrote was just a way for my little boy to learn how to spell Jesus, but God may be giving me some other words for that one as well. I'm keeping my heart and mind open to whatever and however He wants to use me. Yes, God is good!